215. Malden, Middlesex County, 17 December 1787

Town Meeting, 17 December

At A Publick Town Meeting in Malden Decembr 17—1787

To See if the Town when Convened will take Under Consideration the Proceedings of the late Convention of these United States of America held at Philadelphia Sept. 17—1787 And Agreeable to the Resolutions of the General Court of this State [of] Octo. 25—1787 and Pass Such vote or votes Respecting the Choise of one Delegate or Delegates to Meet at the State house in Boston on the Second wednesday of Janr. 1788—

Meet and Adjourned from the Meeting house to Charles Hills west room

Meet According to Adjournment—And the Constitution of these United States [adopted by a Convention] Assembled at Philadelphia Sept. 17—1787 was Read and

voted to Choose a Delegate

voted Capt. Benjamin Blaney to be the Delegate