217. Marblehead, Essex County, 3 December 1787

217-A. Warrant, 27 November

To the Constables of the Town of Marblehead within the said County of Essex or either of them—Greeting—

Pursuant to a Resolve of the General Court of this Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the name of the said Commonwealth you are hereby Required to warn Summon and notify the freeholders and other Inhabitants of said Town of Marblehead being male persons of Twenty one years of age and upwards, resident in said Town for the Space of one year next preceding the third day of December next, and having a freehold Estate within the said Town of the annual income of three pounds, or any Estate of the Value of Sixty pounds, to assemble and Convene at the Town-house in said Town on Monday the said third day of December next at ten of the Clock in the forenoon; for the purpose of Choosing one or more delegates to Represent them the said Inhabitants in a Convention to meet at the State House in Boston on the Second Wednesday of January next, at which Convention is to be Submitted for assent and ratification the Constitution for the united States of America reported to Congress by the Convention lately assembled at Philidalphia and by Congress transmitted to the Legislature of this Commonwealth in order to its being Submitted as aforesaid—

217-B. Constable Return, 3 December

Agreeable to the within Warrant I have notified Inhabitants as within mentioned to assemble and Convene at time and place and for the purpose therein mentioned, by posting Notifications at the Town House and the Several Houses of Publick Worship in this Town one Sabbath having intervened between the time of posting and of the meeting

217-C. Town Meeting, 3 December

At a meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitants of this Town qualified to Vote for Representatives according to the Constitution, on monday the 3d day of Decr 1787 at ten oClock in the forenoon—

Selectmen moderators

Voted That four Delegates be Chosen by Ballot, to Represent this Town in a Convention to be held at the State House in Boston on the Second Wednesday of January next—

the inhabitants assembled being Called upon to bring in their Votes for four Delegates, the following Gentlemen were elected—Viz Isaac Mansfield Esqr, Hone Azor Orne Esqr, Jonathan Glover Esqr and John Glover Esqr. Voted that this meeting, be adjourned to Thursday the Sixth day of Decr. Instant at two oClock afternoon—

217-D. Town Meeting, 6 December

at a meeting on thursday the Sixth of Decr. 1787. at two oClock afternoon according to adjournment. Selectmen moderators—at this adjournment Isaac Mansfield Esqr accepted to Serve as a Delegate at the Convention to be held at the State House in Boston on the Second Wednesday in Jany next at whose desire this meeting was adjourned to this Day for his answer which meeting is now disolved—

217-E. Massachusetts Gazette, 14 December1

The above town [i.e., Marblehead] has made choice of the honourable Azor Orne, esquire, honourable John Glover, esquire, Isaac Mansfield, esquire, and Jonathan Glover, esquire, as delegates to the ensuing Convention.

217-F. Salem Mercury, 18 December (excerpt)

The town of Marblehead have made choice of the Hon. Azor Orne, Hon. John Glover, Jonathan Glover, & Isaac Mansfield, Esquires, as delegates to the State Convention. …