220. Medford, Middlesex County, 22 November 1787

220-A. Warrant, 12 November

To Mr. Ebenezer Thompson Constable of the Town of Medford Greeting you are hereby requir’d in the Name of the Common Weath of Massachusetts forthwith to warn the freeholders & other Inhabitants of the Town of Medford aforesaid, that have an Estate of Freehold in Land within the Common Wealth or territory of forty Shillings Per Annum at the least or orther Estate to the Value of Fifty Pounds Sterling, to assemble at the Meeting House in said Town on Thursday the 22d. Instant at two oClock in the afternoon then & there to Elect & depute one or more Persons being Freeholders & Residents in said Town, to serve for & Represent them in Convention to be Holden at the State House in Boston on second Wednesday of January next—

220-B. Town Meeting, 22 November

At a Town meeting Legally assembl’d at Medford on Monday Novr. 2d. 1787 [i.e., Thursday, November 22, 1787]

Major Genl. John Brooks was chosen to Represent them in Convention