230. Newbury, Essex County, 4 December 1787

230-A. Warrant, 15 November

To David Dole one of the Constables of the Town of Newbury in said County Greeting—

In the Name of the Commonweath of Massachusetts you are Requird to warn the freholders and other Inhabitants of the town of Newbury Quallified to vote for Representatives agreable to Constitution to assemble and meet at the Meeting house in second Parish in Sd Town on Tuesday the Fourth Day of December Next at two Oclock afternoon then and there

1st To Choose a moderator for Sd. meeting

2ly. To Elect By Ballot One Or more Delegates to Represent In a State Convention at the State house in Boston on the Second wednesday of January Next to take into Consideration federal Constitution

230-B. Town Meeting, 4 December

Att a Legal Meeting of the Town of Newbury Decr. 4th 1787

Mr. Moody Folansbe Chosen Moderator for Sd. Meeting

Voted to Choose three persons to Represent them in State Convention Tristram Dolton Esqr Enoch Sawyer Esqr. & Ebenezer March Esqr Chosen as Delegates to Represent the town of Newbury in a State Convention to Be holden in the State house at Boston the Second wednesdy of January Next to take under Consideration the Federal Constitution

230-C. Essex Journal, 5 December

Yesterday the town of Newbury made choice of the Hon. Tristram Dalton, Esq. Enoch Sawyer, and Ebenezer March, Esq’rs. as delegates to the State Convention.