231. Newburyport, Essex County, 20 November 1787

231-A. Warrant, 13 November

To Daniel Johnson one of the Constables of Newburyport, Greeting,

You are hereby required & directed to warn the Freeholders & other Inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport qualified by law to vote in the Election of Representatives, to assemble & meet at the Townhouse in Newburyport aforesaid on Tuesday the twentieth day of November instant, at three of the Clock PM. then and there to Elect & depute one or more delegate or delegates to represent them in a state convention, to be held at the Statehouse in BOSTON, on the second Wednesday of January next for the purpose of assenting to & ratifying the federal Constitution lately framed for the Goverment of the United States,

231-B. Town Meeting, 20 November

At a legal Meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport, qualified by law to vote for Representatives held this twentieth day of November AD. 1787. at 3. oClock p.m.

Select Men, Moderator,

Voted, that this Town will choose four persons to Represent them in the ensuing Convention,

The Honbl. Rufus King Esqr. Honbl Benjamin Greenleaf Esquire, Theophilus Parsons Esquire & Honbl Jonathan Titcomb Esquire were chosen delegates for the ensuing convention,

Voted that the Select Men, be a Com̃itte to wait upon the Gentlemen chosen, for their acceptance

231-C. Salem Mercury, 27 November

The town of Newburyport, on Tuesday last, chose the Hon. Benjamin Greenleaf, Theophilus Parsons, Hon. Jonathan Titcomb, and Hon. Rufus King, Esquires, to the same office [i.e., delegates to the state Convention].