232. Newcastle, Lincoln County, 27 December 1787

Warrant, 13 December

To the Constable or Constables of the Town of New-Castle—Greeting

In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. you are hereby required forthwith to warn all the freeholders and other Inhabitants of this Town quallified by Law to Vote in the Election of Representatives, that the[y] Assemble and meet together at the Dwelling house of C[ol?] Saml Nickels Esqr. in New-Castle on thursday the twenty seventh Day of this Instant December at twelve Oclock in the Day to Act on the following Articles.—

1st To choose a Moderator to Regulate said Meeting.

2d To see if the Town will take into consideration the Constitution or fram of Government Don in Convention by the United States on the seventeenth of September 1787—

3d To see if the Town will Vote to Send a Delligate to set in Convention to be held in Boston State House on the second wednesday of January next to Represent the minds of the People of this Town in regard of the above mentioned Constitution or fram of Government, or to act any thing further relative to the above named Constitution or Frame of Government as they shall think best when met &C—