235. Northampton and Easthampton, Hampshire County, 22 November 1787

A. Warrant, 16 November

To either of the Constables of the Town of Northampton in the same County—Greeting

In the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are required to forthwith to warn the Inhabitant of Northampton Quallified by law to Vote in the Election of Representatives to assemble at the Courthouse in the Same Town on Thursday the twenty Second day of November Current at one oClock in the afternoon for the purpose of Choosing one or more Deligates to meet a Convention of Deligates from the Several Towns & Districts within this Commonwealth at the State House in Boston on the Second Wednessday in January next to take into Consideration the Constitution of the united States of America as reported to Congress by the Convention lately assembled at Philadelphia agreable to a Resolve of the General Court of the 25th of October 1787

235-B. Jonathan Judd, Jr., Diary
Southampton, 22 November1

Thirsday 22. Cold & Cloudy some Rain near Night. was [at] Northampton they chuse Delegates for Convention—

235-C. Salem Mercury, 4 December

The Hon. Caleb Strong, Esq. and Mr. Benjamin Sheldon, are chosen to represent the town of Northampton.