239. Oakham, Worcester County, 3 December 1787

239-A. Warrant, 21 November

To Capt. John Crawford Constable of Oakham in ye. County of Worcester Greeting

In the Name of the CommonWealth of Masstts. you are required forthwith to Warn all ye. Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Oakham that have an Estate of Freehold in Land, in this State or territory, of three pound Per Annum, or any other Estate to the Value of sixty pound, to meet at the Meeting House in said Oakham on Monday the third day of Decm. next at one oClock in the after noon, then & there to Elect or Depute one or more Persons being Freeholders and Residents in ye. same Town according to the Number set and Limited by the late Constitution or Frame of Government for this Common Wealth (for Choosing Representatives) as Delegate, or Delegates to Represent them in State Convention appointed to meet in the State House in Boston on the second Wednesday of Jany. next for ye. purpose of having the Constitution of the United States of America submitted to them for their Assent and Ratification

239-B. Constable Return, 3 December

In obedience to the within Warrant I have Warned all the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Oakham that are Qualified to Vote for a Representative to meet at the time and place Within mentioned by posting a Copy of this Warrant with a Notification on the Meeting House Door