240. Oxford, Worcester County, 3 December 1787

240-A. Warrant, 19 November

In the Name of the Common-wealth of Massachusetts the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the town of Oxford with the Gores annexed to Said town, who are qualified to Vote for A Representative, together with those qualified by Law to Vote in town affairs, are required to Meet at the Meeting House in Oxford on Monday ye 3rd Day of December next at Twelve o’Clock at noon—

First To Choose A Delegate to Set in a State Convention at Boston on the Second Wednesday of January next as is required by a resolve of the General Court of this State.

240-B. Town Meeting, 3 December

At a Town meeting in Oxford Decembr 3rd 1787 to act on the above Warning

First Voted and chose Capt Jeremiah Learned a Delegate for the State Convention at Boston on the Second WednesDay of January next—