247. Pittston, Lincoln County, 24 December 1787

247-A. Warrant, 27 November

To David Lawrance Constable of the Town of Pittston in said County Greeting

In the Name of the Commonwelth of the Massachusets, you are hereby required to Notify and warn, the Freeholders & other Inhabitance of said Pittston legally qualifyed to vote in Town affairs to Assemble and meet together at the Dwelling house of Capn. Henry Smith’s Inn holder in Said Town, on Thursday the Twenteth Day of December next at Ten of the Clock in the fore noon then & there to see if the Town will appoint a Delegate to represent them in the Convention to be held at Boston, on the Second Wednesday in January next, for the purpose of Taking into Consideration the Constitution proposed by the late Convention held at Philidelphia & then

1[st?] To Chuse a Moderator to regulate said Meeting

2ly. If the Town agrees to send a Delegate to Chuse a man for that purpose

247-B. Town Meeting, 20, 24 December

At a legal meeting at the time, and place in the before Warrant mentioned was voted as followeth

1ly. That Colonal Henry Dearborn be Moderator

2ly. That the New form of Government be Red Paragraph, by Paragraph, which was Red

3ly. Voted to Send a Representative to the Convention which was to sit at Boston

4thly.—Adjurned to Monday Next

[24 December] 5ly. Chose Samuel Dudley Representativ of this Town in the said Convention which is to meet the Second Tuesday in January Next at Boston