250. Portland, Cumberland County, 19 November and 31 December 1787

250-A. Warrant, 9 November

To John Bagley one of the Constables of the town of Portland Greeting;

In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby required to notify and warn the Inhabitants of said Town qualified by law to vote in the election for Representatives, to meet at the Meeting house in said Town on Monday the 19th. day of November current at ten of the clock in the fore noon—For the purpose of chusing a Delegate or Delegates to represent them in a Convention, to be holden at the Court house in Boston on the 2d Wednesday of January next, to take into consideration the Constitution or frame of Government for the United States of America, as reported by the Convention of Delegates from the United States lately held at Philadelphia, then to be submitted to such Convention to be holden at Boston as aforesaid for their assent and ratification.

250-B. Constable Return, 19 November

pursuant to this warrant to me directed, I have notified the Inhabitants of said Portland qualified as therein directed to meet at the time and place, and for the purpose in the same mentioned by posting up a Copy thereof at two public places in said town.

250-C. Cumberland Gazette, 22 November1

The town, on Monday last, made choice of Peleg Wadsworth and John Fox, Esq’rs. delegates to the Convention that will sit in Boston on the second Wednesday of January next.

250-D. Memoir of Samuel Deane
Portland, November1

Dr. Deane and Peleg Wadsworth were chosen members of the Convention on the adoption of the Federal Constitution. They both declined, when John Fox and Capt. Jos. McLellan were chosen.

250-E. Constable Return (for Warrant of 29 December), 31 December

Pursuant to this warrant I have notified the Freeholders of said town qualified as within mentioned, to meet at the time and place and for the purpose within mentioned by posting up a copy of this warrant at two public places in said Town