251. Pownalborough (now Wiscasset), Lincoln County, 11 December 1787

251-A. Warrant, 26 November

To the Constables of the Town of Pownalborough or either of them Greeting

In the name of the Common Wealth of Massachusetts you are hereby required to warn the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of Sd Town qualified by Law to vote in Town Meeting To assemble and meet together at the Meeting Hous at Wiscassett Point on tuesday the eleventh day of December next at ten Oclock in the forenoon of Sd day to act on the following articles viz

1st To Chuse a Moderator for Sd Meeting

2nd To mak choise of some persons Suitable for a Representative in the hous of Delegates to be Conveend at Boston on the second Wednessday of January next

251-B. Constable Return, 11 December

by Virtue of this warrent I have warnd the Inhabitants Qalified by Law to Vote in Town Meeting by Posting up Copies of this warrent in the several Parishes fourteen days before the time for Sd Meeting