258. Rowley, Essex County, 18 December 1787

258-A. Warrant, 20 November

To Joseph Pike Constable of Rowley Greeting. In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby required to warn a meeting of all the Inhabitants of the Town of Rowley Qualified in law to Vote for a Representative to meet at the meeting house in the first Parish in said Town on Fryday the thirtyeth day of Novr. Instant at one of the Clock in the aftere noon to choose a Deligate or Deligates to Set in Convention at the State house in Boston on the Second wednesday of January next, in order to take under Consideration the New Constitution and act theron as they shall think proper

258-B. Town Meeting, 30 November

At a legal meeting of the Inhabitants of the town of Rowley held Novmber 30th. 1787

To See if the town would Choose a Person to set in Convention at Boston on the Second wednesday of January next in order to Consider of the New form of goverment the Selectmen Govened the Meeting as the law directs Red over the New form of Govorment Voted to adjourn said meeting to the 3d Tuesday of December next nine oClock in the fore noon then to meet at this place

258-C. Town Meeting, 18 December

Met according to adjournment of the meeting Apponted November 30th. 1787 in order for the town to take under Consideration the New form of Goverment and to make choice of a Diligate or Diligates to Set in Convention at Boston on the second Wednesday of January next and they made Choice of Capt. Thomas Mighill to act in behalf of the Town in said Convention the Questo. was put: to see if the town would make choice of one more to serve in said Convention and it pased in the Negetive