260. Rutland, Worcester County, 3 December 1787

Warrant, 12 November

To the Constable of Rutland—Greeting—

In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts You are hereby requird forthwith (by posting a Copy of this warrant on the Meeting House Door in Said Town) to warn all the Inhabitants thereof who are twenty one Years of age, and have been resident in this Town for the Term of one Year last past having a freehold Estate within Said Town of the annual Income of three pounds (Silver money) or any estate to the Vallue of Sixty pounds (Like money) to meet at the meeting House afore said on Monday the third day of December next at one oClock afternoon then & there to Vote and act on the following articles (viz)

1st. To Chuse a Moderator to Preside in Said meeting—

2d. To Chuse a Member to represent this Town in the State Convention appointed by the General Court to be Convend. at the State House in Boston on the Second Wednesday of Jany. next—