261. Salem, Essex County, 5 December 1787

261-A. Selectmen Meeting, 28 November

At a Meeting of the Selectmen 28 Novr. 1787

Agreed, & Ordered that the Town Clerk forthwith Issue out Warrants to call a Town Meeting to be [held] on Wednesday the 5th day of December Next at 2 o’Clock P. M. To chuse Delegates to meet in Convention at the Statehouse in Boston on the 2d. Wednesday in January next for the Assent, & Ratification of the Constitution propos’d by the late Federal Convention.—

261-B. Town Meeting, 5 December

At a Meeting of the freeholders and other inhabitants of Salem qualified by Law to Vote in the election of Representatives at the Court House in sd. Salem on Wednesday the 5th day of December 1787 at 2 o Clock PM. for the Choice of Delegates to meet in Convention at the state house in Boston on the 2d Wednesday in January next with the other Delegates from the several towns in this Commonwealth for the Assent, and Ratification of the Constitution propos’d by the late Federal Convention.

—Then were chosen by Ballot the following Persons Viz Richard Manning Esqr. Francis Cabot, Edward Pulling Esqr. and Willm Gray Junr.—

261-C. Massachusetts Gazette, 7 December (excerpt)

… Wednesday, we hear, the inhabitants of Salem were to choose their delegates. …

261-D. John Pickering to Timothy Pickering
Salem, 8 December (excerpt)1

… I have nothing new to inform you of in politicks. Our Convention who are to consider the federal Constitution are to meet in January next. The persons to represent this town are Richd Manning Esq Mr. Gray (Wm) Mr Pulling & Mr Cabot, our nephew, we are divided in sentiments in the Massachusetts. …

261-E. Salem Mercury, 11 December1

On Tuesday last, the qualified inhabitants of this town, agreeably to notification, assembled, for the purpose of choosing delegates to represent them in the ensuing State Convention, to convene at Boston, on the second Wednesday of January next, for the important intent of deliberating on, and affording their “assent and ratification” to, the form of government submitted by the late American Convention; when the following gentlemen were chosen, viz. Richard Manning, Esq. Edward Pulling Esq. Mr William Gray, Mr. Francis Cabot.