262. Salisbury, Essex County, 22 November 1787

262-A. Warrant, 13 November

To Jonathan Smith Constable of Salisbury—Greeting

These are in the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to will & require you forthwith to warn all the Inhabitants of this Town that are qualified by law to vote in the Election of Representatives to assemble and meet at our West-meeting-house in sd Town on Thursday the twenty second day of Novr. Instant at two O’Clock P.M. for the purpose of choosing one or more delegates to represent this Town in a Convention to be holden at the State House in Boston on the second Wednesday of January next.—

262-B. Constable Return, 13 November

Agreable to the within I have warned the Inhabitants of this Town to meet at time & place & for the purposes therein mention’d by posting a Warrant at each Meeting house door

262-C. Town Meeting, 22 November

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Salisbury pursuant to the foregoing Warrant—Novr. 22d. 1787—Voted to send two Delegates to attend the Convention above mention’d—and Sam Nye and Mr. Enoch Jackman were accordingly Elected—