271. Shrewsbury, Worcester County, 3 December 1787

271-A. Warrant, 19 November

To Mr Lewis Eager Constable of the Town of Shrewsbury Greeting—Your are hearby Required in the Name of the Common Wealth of Massachusetts forthwith to notify And Warn all the free holders and other inhabitants of Said town qualified By Law to vote for a Representative to Meet at the meeting house in [said town] on monday the third day of December Next at one of the Clock in the afternoon to Choose A person to join the Convention that is to be held at the State [House] In Boston on the Second Wadnsday of January next for the Ratifacation of the National Constittution Latly Composed [by the?] Fedaral Convention, and act any thing Reletive their to the Town may think Propper,

271-B. Town Meeting, 3 December

In Consequenc of the fore going Warrant and Warning the Votable inhabitants of the town of Shrewsbury Legally Assembled, the Meeting Being Legally opened Mr. John Rice one of the Select men acted as modarator the votes Being Called for and Brough in, Capt. Isaac Harrington Was Elected a delegat to Represent the town in Convention to Be held at the State house in Boston on the Second Wednsday of January 1787 [i.e., 1788]—