279. Stoneham, Middlesex County, 13 December 1787

279A. Warrant, 7 December

To Mr. Elias Bryant, Constable of Stoneham, Greeting.

In the name of the People of the State of the Massachusetts Bay, you are hereby required forthwith to warn or cause to be warned, all the freeholders—to assemble and meet at the Meeting House in Stoneham, on Thursday, the thirteenth day of December instant, at one o’clock, P.M. to act on the following articles.

1. To choose a Moderator for said Meeting.

2. To see if the town will choose a delegate to the State Convention which is to meet at the State House in Boston on the second Wednesday of January next. And if the vote pass in affirmative, then

3. To (choose a delegate as aforesaid, and to) give him such instructions as the town may think best.

279-B. Town Meeting, 13 December

At a general Town meeting in Stoneham on Thursday ye 1[3] Day of December 1787—

first Voted and Chose Capt. Jonathan Green moderator of Sd meeting—

2ly Voted and Chose Capt. Jonathan Green to Joyn the Convention that is to meet at the State House in Boston on [ye?] Second wensday of January Next to Represent Sd Town Stoneham—