283. Sutton, Worcester County, 10 December 1787

283-A. Warrant, 3 December

To Either of the Constables of the town of Sutton—Greeting

These are In the name of the Common Wealth of massachusetts to Requier you Forthwith to notifie and Waren all the freeholders and other Inhabitance of the town of Sutton Quallified By Law To vote In town affaires to meet at the meeting house in the Second parrish in Sutton on monday the tenth Day of this Instant December at one: o:Clock in the afternoon then to Consider and act upon the following articles as Said town Shall think proper—

First to Chuse a moderator for Said meeting

2ly To See if the town will Chuse a Delegate or Delegates to Seet In a State Convention to be holden at the State house in Boston on Weneasday the ninth Day of January next and act any thing Ralative tharto

283-B. Constable Return, 10 December

in obeadiance to this Warrant I have notified the Inhabitance of the Town of Sutton to meet at the time and place mentioned in this Warrant by posting a Copy of this Warrant at the Sevearel meeting houses in Said Town according to the useal pracitce of Said Town