285. Taunton, Bristol County, 26 November 1787 and 7 January 1788

285-A. Copy of Warrant, 10 November1

To either of the Constables of ye Town of Taunton within the County of Bristol Greeting.

In Pursuance of a Resolve of the Great and General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Passed October 25th Anno Domini 1787, Requesting the Selectmen of said Town as Soon as may be, to Notify the Inhabitents of said Town of Taunton qualified to Vote as the Law Directs for the Election of Representatives in Each Town, to make Choice of one or more Deligates to meet in Convention in the State House in Boston on ye Second Wednesday of January next, then and there to Accept & ratify (if they se cause) the Grand Constitution or Frame of Government of the United States of America as agreed upon by them for the purpose aforesd in September last past, in their Convention,

These are therefore in the name of sd Commonwealth to request you the sd Constables, or either of you on Sight hereof, to Notify said Inhabitents, that they assemble & meet togather at the Public Meeting House in said Taunton on Monday the twenty Sixth Day of November Currant at Ten of the Clock forenoon, then and there to make Choice of a Moderator to Govern sd Meeting. and Elect one or more Deligate or Deligates for the purpose aforesd.

285-B. Copy of Constable Return, 17 November

by Virtue of a Warrant to me directed I Notified the Inhabitents of said Town, to appear at Time & place within directed, by posting up a Notification at the Meeting House Door in sd Taunton,

285-C. Copy of Constable Return (for Warrant of 25 December), 26 December

by Virtue of the Within Warrant to me Directed I have Notified the Inhabitants of the Town of Taunton to meet together at the time & Place Within Described by posting up a Notification at the Meeting house Door in sd Town.