298. Ward (now Auburn), Worcester County, 10 December 1787

298-A. Warrant, 27 November

To William Young Constable of the town of Ward Greeting. The are in the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to Will & require You forwith to notify all such inhabitants of the town of Ward as are qualified by Constitution to vote for a Representative, to assemble at the Meeting House in said Ward on Monday the 10th. day of December next at 2 'oClock in the afternoon for the purpose of chusing a Delegate to meet in Convention at the State-house in Boston on the 2d. Wednesday of January next, with such other Members as may assemble for the sole purpose of hearing & approving or rejecting the Constitution of the United States lately reported by the Federal Convention to Congress &c.—

298-B. Constable Return, 10 December

In Obedience to the within Warrant I have notified the Inhabitants of sd. town agreeably to the direction of sd. warrant to meet at time & place & for purposes within mentioned by posting a Copy thereof at the meeting House.

298-C. Town Meeting, 10 December

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the town of Ward legally assembled in pursuance of the foregoing warning this 10th. Day of December AD. 1787. The town Voted to send a Delegate the Convention to sit in Boston on the 2d. Wednesday in January next agreeably to sd. Warrant. The town by Ballot made choice of Joseph Stone to represent them in Convention.