301. Warwick and Orange, Hampshire County, 10 December 1787

301-A. Warrant, 21 November

To Josiah Cobb Constable of the Town of Warwick Greeting

In the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are Required to notify and warn the Inhabitants of the Town of Warwick Qualified to Vote for a Representative to meet at the Meeting House in Warwick on monday the tenth Day of Decemr. next at one of the Clock after noon then and there to act on the following articles

1st to Chuse a Deligate or Deligates to Represent them in Convention to be holden at Boston on the Second Wednesdy of January next or act any thing there on as the Town Shall think proper

301-B. Town Meeting, 10 December

at a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Warwick & Orange Regularly Assembled on the tenth Day of Decemr. 1787

1 Voted and Chose Capt John Goldsbury Deligate for Warwick & Orange—