303. Waterborough, York County, 26 December 1787

303-A. Warrant, 14 December

To the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Waterborough. Quallified to vote in Town meetings—

Greeting—You are hereby Required to Assemble your selves togather at the Dwelling house of Jereh. Browns in Sd Town on Wednesday the 26th. day of this Inst. December at Ten oClock in the forenoon—

1st. To Choose a Moderator—

2nd. To see if the Town will agree to send a Member to the convention that is to be holden at Boston on the Second Wednesday of Janry. Next—

3rd. if the[y] will agree to Send a Member. to Choose a Person for that Purpose—

303-B. Town Meeting, 26 December

Pursuant to the forgoing Notification Met at time and place and Voted as follows Viz—

1st. Chose Mr. William Bean Moderator—

2 Voted to Send a Member to Join the Convention about to Sett at Boston

3rd. Chose the Revd. Pelatiah Tingley a Member to Sett in Sd. Convention