310. Westhampton, Hampshire County, 10 December 1787

310-A. Warrant, 28 November

To Either of the Constables of Westhampton Greeting

In the Name of the Comonwealth of Massachusetts you are hereby Required forthwith to warn the freeholders and other Inhabitants of Sd Town to assemble at the Meeting House on Monday the tenth Day of December next at nine o Clock in the Morning then and their to act upon the following articles

first to Choose a Moderator to preside in Sd. Meeting …

thirdly to see if the Town will Choose a Deligate to attend on the State Convention agreeabl to an act of the General Court—and Likewise to Give him Instructions

310-B. Town Meeting, 10 December

At a Legal Meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitants of westhampton held on the 10th Day of December AD 1787 Lt Aaron Fisher was Chosen Moderator. …

Also voted that Lt Aaron Fisher serve the Town as Delegate at the State Convention to be held at Boston agreeable to an act of Court

310-C. Enoch Hale Diary
Westhampton, 10 December1

Fair & cool. Town meeting—Lt. Aaron Fisher chosen Delegate for [sd?] Convention to considr. [sd?] natl. Constitution.