319. Winchendon, Worcester County, 3 December 1787

319-A. Warrant, 14 November

To Mr Edward Withington Constable of the Town of Winchendon—Greeting

In the Name of the Commonwealth of the Massachusetts you are hereby Required forthwith to Notify and warn all the freeholders and other Inhabitants of Said Town that are Qualified by Law to Vote for a Representative to meet at the Publick meeting House in Said Town on monday th third Day of December Next at Nine O Clock A:M:—

to Elect a member to Represent them in the State Convention which is to Sett in the State House in Boston on the Second Wednesday of January next agreable to the Resolves of the great and General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

319-B. Town Meeting, 3 December

At a meeting of the Freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Winchendon on monday the thi[r]d Day of December 1787 for the Purpose of Choseing a Person to Represent them in the State Convention—

Voted to Adjourn this meeting till 12 O Clock—

met according to Adjournment

upon a motion so being made to See if the Town will [hear?] the Constitution by Sections and the Vote being Put it Passed in the affirmative

Voted to Adjourn this meeting for five minuts

met according to Adjournment

a motion being made to See if the Town would Send a member to the Convention they Voted to Send and Proceeded to a Choice and Chose Deacon Moses Hale for the Above Purpose