617. Documents from the Volume “Constitutional Convention 1788”

617-A. Returns Listing Convention Members from Each Town, n.d.1

617-B. John Hancock to Thomas Russell, Samuel Holten, Theodore Sedgwick, Charles Turner, and Tristram Dalton, Boston, 9 January 17881

The Governor presents his respectful Compliments to Mr Russel, and the other Gentlemen of the Committee of the Convention from whom he had the Honour of receiving a Message this Evening, and begs the Favour of their reporting to the Honourable Convention that he has a lively Sense of the Honour done him, by their electing him President, and that he hopes soon to attend his Duty, and afford his feeble Assistance in the important Business before them.

617-C. Draft Rule on Valuation and Representation, 10 January 17881

617-D. Additional Rule Proposed by Phanuel Bishop on Calling for Yeas and Nays, 10 January 17881

617-E. Benjamin Russell and Adams and Nourse to the Convention
Boston, 14 January 17881

617-F. William Heath to William Cushing
Roxbury, 17 January 17881

Having been absent from my duty, since yesterday morning, I conceive it to be incumbent on me, to acquaint the Honorable Convention, that great indisposition of body, has been the only cause of my absence, and that my indisposition is increased by my anxiety to be present on the all-important business now before the Convention, I shall attend the moment my health will permit, but should Providence forbid, what I so ardently wish, may the great Counsellor direct the honorable Convention, in all their deliberations, and to such a decision, on the ultimate question, as shall tend to secure, the invaluable rights, and privileges, of these states, redound to their honor abroad, their safety, prosperity, and happiness at home, to the latest generations.

617-G. Samuel Adams to the Members of the Massachusetts Convention
Boston, 18 January 17881

Mr. Samuel Adams’s Complements to the Delegates in Convention & Requests their attendence at the Funeral of his Son to Morrow Afternoon precisely at four OClock—

Fryday noon

Mr Adams will be much oblig’d to Mr. Bowdoin if he will Communicate this to the Gentlemen above Refer’d to

617-H. Massachusetts Convention: Question to Elbridge Gerry, 18 January 17881

617-I. Elbridge Gerry to William Cushing
Boston, 19 January 17881

617-J. William Widgery’s Motion Respecting Elbridge Gerry, 19 January 17881

617-K. Charles Turner to William Cushing
Boston, 21 January 17881

Mr. Turner of Scituate presents his respects to the Honorable Convention, and acquaints them that he is unhappily confined through bodily indisposition; but will gladly attend his duty in Convention, as Soon as the State of his health may permit.

Monday morning Jany. 21.

617-L. Samuel Nasson’s Motion to Reconsider Vote to Consider the Constitution by Paragraphs, 23–24 January 17881

617-M. Samuel Nasson’s Motion for Reconsideration, 24 January 17881

617-N. Copy of John Hancock’s Proposed Ratification and Recommendatory Amendments Referred to the Committee of Twenty-Five, 31 January 17881

617-O. Roster and Vote of the Committee of Twenty-Five, 3–4 February 17881

617-P. Draft Report of the Committee of Twenty-Five, 3–4 February 17881

617-Q. Smooth Copy of the Report of the Committee of Twenty-Five, 4 February 17881

617-R. Draft of the Last Two Paragraphs of the Form of Ratification, c. 7 February 17881

617-S. Form of Ratification Retained by Massachusetts, 6–7 Febrary 17881

617-T. Invitation to the Convention from the Citizens of Boston, 7 February 17881

617-U. Vote of Thanks to Convention President, 7 February 17881

617-V. Vote of Thanks to Convention Vice President, 7 February 17881

617-W. Vote of Thanks to Convention Chaplains, 7 February 17881