625. Massachusetts Gazette, 11 January 1788


The privateer cutter, called the Benjamin, who lately gave chace to the William, a merchantman, (expecting to get considerable plunder) under false pretence of having taken contraband goods on board; during the chase the cutter shewed false colours, made false fires, and threw out false lights, in order to decoy. It was observed, however, that the William never once hove to, or altered her course. It is said she has again fixed out with fresh hands, on another cruise, in quest of the Two Brothers, under the same frivolous pretence of having received contraband goods. It is expected, if this picaroon should get engaged with the Two Brothers, she will come off but second best, as she is reputed to have a rotten bottom, and her present crew not much better in health than the one lately discharged: besides, the Two Brothers are mounted with much heavier mettle, and, with one well directed shot, would destroy this piratical cutter.

N. B. It is said the Benjamin draws one half the plunder, the people belonging to her, share the other half, after paying the necessary expenses of the voyage.