631. Essex Journal, 16 January 1788


BEN FL—D presents his cleanest compliments to the Antifederal Junto in the town of N—— and begs them to accept his best thanks for their united testimony in favor of his abilities.—Ben assures them he feels right cute every time he hears of it: for he fancies that this bodes some powerful station pretty soon. Nay, he feels himself already raised higher than any Flood since that of Noah—for he well knows the power of the Junto, having lately seen a specimen of it! ! And concludes that next season will hail him Deputy, if not Squire—For he means now to tack short about, and oppose every thing that has the least connection with the good order of society—Ben knows how it’s done—therefore, look sharp, and don’t let him be disappointed.

Newbury, Jan. 14th, 1788.