644. Ezra Stiles Diary
New Haven, 25 January 17881

Readg the Bo Gazette 21st Inst. I doubt the Issue of the Convention sitting there. They have by a small Majority voted the Hoñ Elbridge Gerry to sit in Convention, tho’ not elected by any Town. He was a Member of Convent̃ at Philada & refused to sign the new Constitution. This I suspect indicates an Equality of the House. There are 358 Members, of whom 51 are Hoñ i,e are or have been in the Council & upper House, & 17 Ministers, & six Majors six Colonels 63 Militia Captains, a Militia B. Geñ. about a doz̃ physicians few Lawyers. Goṽ Hancock Presidt. & L Gov. Cushg Vice presid. Great Characters as Goṽ Bowdoin, Hoñ Sam̃ Adams, Gen Lincoln & Mr King & others are of the Convention.

Mass̃ Convent̃ began to sit in Boston 10th. Jañy and on 14th. began to discuss the new federal Constitution

Members for the Counties of

Hoñ Reṽ.
Suffolk 38 11 8
Essex 44 10 0
Middlesex 43 7
Hamp̃ 53 3
Plymo 25 3 3 or 4
Barnsta 10 1 1
Bristol 24 6 1
York 17 1 2
Dukes Co 2 0
Nantucket none 0
Worcester 50 4 1
Cumberld 13 0 1
Lincoln 15 1
Berkshire 24 4
358 51 17

In the final Vote Feb 6. 1788: 355. Nineteen Majority for receivg the Constitution

Ministers in Convention

Boston Revd. Saml Stilman B[aptist].
Milton Rev Nathl Robbins
Hingham Rev Danl Shute
Bra[i]ntree Rev Anto. Wibird
Brookline Rev Jos. Jackson
Dedham Rev. Thos Thatcher
Bellingham xRev. Noah Alden
Chelsea Rev Philips Payson
Scituate Rev & Hoñ Charles Turner
Bridgwater Rev Wm Shaw
Middleboro’ Rev Isaac Backus B[aptist].
Abington Rev Saml Niles
Welfleet Rev Levi Whitman
New Bedford Rev Saml West
Wells Rev. Moses Hemmenway D.D
Waterboro’ xRev. Pelatiah Tingley B[aptist]
Holden xRev Joseph Davis
Gray Revd Saml Perley

x Ministers voted in Negative

1. MS, Bienecke Library, CtY.