653. William Pynchon Diary
Salem, 2 February 17881

Saturda. fine sledding wood keeps at the price of 13. & 14/ for oak & 15/ & 16/ for walnut Mr. O. denes with us & goes home at Nt.—Jno. Pyn. Eb. Putm Reb Cabot & ye Messr Richmans at 12 set out for Danvs.—The Centinel of this day shews us a g[rea]t prob[ab]ility of an Acceptance of ye fed. Constitutn. on Govr. Hancocks proposals of amendt. Andovr. call a To. meetg. wch. refuses to instruct ye. Repps.—since Johns return, his doubts seem to be resolvd

1. MS, Pynchon Papers, MHi.