654. Massachusetts Centinel, 2 February 17881

Take Notice.

The gentlemen who have attended the debates of the Hon. Convention, since their sitting in the Meeting-House, in Long-Lane, are informed, that the better to accommodate them with suitable and convenient seats, a considerable expense has already incurred, that a further expense will be necessary to repair the damages that may be done to the House, and that in compliance with the wishes of a number of Gentlemen, a COLLECTION will be made, on MONDAY next, at the door of the gallery, when those who have had the gratification to hear, may have an opportunity to contribute what they may think proper.—If any surplusage should be collected, the same will be duly paid into the hands of the Sheriff of the county of Suffolk, for the relief the prisoners in Boston goal.

N. B. This is not done at the instance of the proprietors of the house.

Feb. 2, 1788.

1. Reprinted with variations in the Boston Gazette and American Herald, both 4 February.