669. Thomas Forrest to Joseph Ward
Philadelphia, 7 February 1788 (excerpt)1

I have not time to say more than I enclose to You Thirteen hundred Seventy three dollars & 85/90ths in facilit[i]es, but on recollection as I am too late for this days post, I shall proceed to inform You how things go on in this southern world, we are very dull in the Certificate line few stirring either of this State or Balloons, some few buyers, no sellers, notwithstanding the price is stationary, no rise, my Young man has returnd from Richmond, the same disorder prevails there, our eyes are lifted to heaven & towards the East waiting for the sign of the decision of the grand Question on the Constitution by Your State, if determined in favour of it, which I hope will be, it will sett many purchasers to work who are no[w] lying [dor?]mant pray give me some information concerning it Per next post,—

I have heard Per Chance, a broker quote intelligence from his friend in his letter, of facilities being as high as 4/ Per £ I hope it may be so though what I now send is not an Object Yet I shall continue to send untill I have your advice it will not do, I am confident from the knowledge I have of the people here at present both Fœderal & Antifeoderal the grand decision of Your Convention if in favour of the Constitution, it will unite both parties, which I hope will be the Case. …

1. RC, Ward Papers, Chicago Historical Society.