687. Massachusetts Centinel, 9 February 17881

On the glorious and ever-memorable SIXTH OF FEBRUARY, 1788.

While scenes of transport, ev’ry breast inspire,

The muse too triumphs in her kindling fire;

Blest in their bliss, she lifts a bolder wing,

Aids every wish and tunes the harp to sing;

To their glad concert wakes the accordant strain,

And mingles with the musick of the plain.

Joy to the men her voice arose,

Who turn’d our Constitution’s foes,

Who struck the voice of faction dead,

And fix’d a wreath on MASSACHUSETTS’ head:

Now recount your toils with pleasure—

View the strife, and sum the treasure;—

Run the battles o’er again—

Sound the charge and sweep the plain.

Hail the DAY, and MARK it well,

Then old ANARCH’s kingdom fell—

Then our dawning GLORY shone,

Mark it, FREEMEN, ’tis our own.

And soon a rival day shall shine,

The task NEW-HAMPSHIRE, will be thine,

 To give it equal fame—

Another PILLAR rais’d by thee,

Will fill New-England’s sons with glee,

 And crown thy finished name.—

Then ev’ry glad blessing our country can lend,

When her wants and her dangers shall cease,

Shall arise to the heroes who bade her ascend,

To empire—to glory and peace.

1. Reprinted: Newport Herald, 21 February; New Hampshire Recorder, 4 March.