690. Samuel Salisbury to Stephen Salisbury
Boston, 10 February 1788 (excerpts)1

Brother Stepn.

… In the news paper you will see a particular acct of the Gd. Procession we had here on Fryday last, it was something new & one of the most pleasg sight that ever I saw,—Such Harmony & general Joy among all ranks of people, without any Reflection on those that oppos’d the Constitution, rendered the scene peculiarly agreable & Entertaining, I wish you had been here to have partaken of that pleasure which every one so sensibly injoy’d. …

… Will those who are for the Constitution have courage enough to make any appearance of rejoicg at Worcester—should be glad you would lend me another of Doctr. Blairs book of Sermons—

Saml. Cookson’s wife died this morng., she was down in the Street on Fryday to see the procession, went home & was taken in a fit—may we take ye. warning & be ready—

1. RC, Salisbury Papers, MWA.