694. James Manning to Hezekiah Smith
Providence, 11 February 1788 (excerpts)1

… The College continues to gradually increase—The Expence of [providing?] in Commons, Tuition, Room Rent & Library & Apparatus Priviledges [– – –] 1/4 of a year for the Vacations, amounts to just £20–5–9 Lawful Money at present, but I expect the Commons will be lowered as soon as stability in Government takes place—A Period, I now hope, not very distant. … I felt so deeply interested in the adoption of the new federal constitution by your State, that I attended the Debates in Convention more than a fortnight. & expected to have seen you at Boston on that occasion. I considered Massachusetts the hinge on which the whole must turn, & am happy in congratulating you on the favourable issue of their deliberations—I am mortified to find Father Alden among ye Nays. …

1. RC, Manning Papers, John Hay Library, Brown University. Printed: Reuben Aldridge Guild, Life, Times, and Correspondence of James Manning … (Boston, 1864), 405–6.