716. Henry Knox to Edward Carrington
New York, 14 February 17881

It is with great satisfaction I inform you of the adoption of the new Constitution in Massachusetts on the 6th instant—

Affirmatives 187
Negatives 168
Majority 19—

The minority behaved with moderation and some of them declared their intention of uniting their influence in Support of the constitution—Mr Gerry although not of the convention has pledged himself to this effect—

The Majority united the abilities, property, and a great proportion of the almost the whole of the virtue of the Convention—Although there were some honest men without information in the convention minority, yet 8/10ths of them were paper money and tender law people and insurgents—who are under the influence of people [wishing?] for a reunion with great Britain

The enclosed paper will give you some idea of the rejoicing of the people of Boston on the occasion—

New Hampshire Convention met yesterday—from the best information there will be a much larger majority for it in that State than in Massachusetts

1. FC, GLC 2437, The Henry Knox Papers. The Gilder Lehrman Collection, on deposit at the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.