720. New York Journal, 14 February 17881

Last evening the eastern mail arrived several hours earlier than usual, for the purpose of expediting the important intelligence of the ratification of the constitution by that state, before it had been published in the Boston papers.


Extract of a letter from a member of the convention in Massachusetts to a member of Congress in this city, dated Boston (Wednesday) February 6, 1788.

“This afternoon 5 o’clock, the question whether this convention will assent to and ratify the proposed constitution, was called for.—The whole number of votes were 355—yeas, 187—nays, 168, leaving a majority of 19—amendments,(a) which you see in the newspapers, accompanied this assent, but as you perceive no way interfering, with the ratification. Of the minority, viz:—Wedgery, Cooley, and Taylor, publickly declared they would go home and support the constitution to the utmost of their abilities and influence.”

1. Reprinted: Poughkeepsie Country Journal, 19 February; Hudson Weekly Gazette, 21 February (partial).

(a) The amendments (proposed by the president on the 31st of Jan.) here referred to, are as follows: …