721. James Cogswell Diary
Scotland, Conn., 15 February 17881

The Weather is pleasant this Morning Wind: N: W—thaw Wind this afternoon wind N: E: looks like Snow. several men came in to reckon & settle accounts—Discoursed largely with Marshal Palmer & his wife on Religion. studied some for Sabbath: read the Hartford paper. the Constitution is adopted by a Majority of 19; A Number of Amendments are to be proposed to Congress—The Minority shewed a very good Spirit & several of ye Leading Members, declared yt They would endeavour to make their Constituents easy with ye Constitution, & that They would endeavour to promote a compliance with it. N. Carolina have adopted ye Constitution with only two Dissenting Voices in Convention I hope all will now receive it as the other states seem generally to be inclined that Way.

1. MS, Cogswell Diary, CtHi.