722. Benjamin Contee to Thomas FitzSimons
New York, 15 February 1788 (excerpt)1

… With a heartfelt satisfaction I inform you of the full and complete as well as unconditional ratification by Massachusetts of the new federal Government

The opposed Members have done themselves great Honor by their manly acquiescence and friendly declarations towards support in their private capacaties—how different has been the conduct of the minority in your state [i.e., Pennsylvania]—

The intelligence was echoed yesterday by the discharge (a round of 13 Cannon for each of the 6 new confederated states) of artillery in the street near the Coffee House—and answered by a federal salute (13 Guns) from an East Indiaman in this port—you will have the particulars at Boston in yr paper—I have a full acct to Maryland to be published—to give Joy to the Hearts of good federalists. …

1. RC, J. Bruce Kremer Collection, Historical Society of Charles County, on loan to Southern Maryland Studies Center, Charles County Community College, La Plata, Md.