723. Gideon Hawley: Sacred to the Memory of Nymphas Marston Esquire
Barnstable, 15 February 17881

On the 11th instant died at Boston. Nymphas Marston Esqr. aged 60 years. a member of the late honourable Convention of this Comonwealth. from whence his Corpse arrived at his house in this town on the 13th. instant and this day were respectfully interred.

Mr. Marston was borne of worthy and pious parents who initiated their children in the rites and principles of our holy religion and added to this Son the advantages of a publick and liberal education. who commenced in 1749 and received a degree of master of arts 1752.

The many offices which in the course of 30 years he Sustained and discharged with reputation demonstrate that these academic honours were not conferred upon him in vain.

and the respectable appearance at his funeral declared the sense which those who have been most acquainted with him had of his abilities and integrity in publick life—and the Silent tear (altho he had neither wife nor Chrildren) which fell from many an eye. and the unaffected—deepfelt sigh from the Widow’s & orphan’s breast, together with the dejected Countenances of the many poor, who accompanied his remains and followed them to the grave declare his private Virtues in a language more expressive and Significant than words can give The surviving friends express their gratitude for the respect and attention which Mr. Marston, & his friends received at Boston in the time of his sickness and at his death.

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