729. Isaac Stearns Diary
Billerica, c. 16 February 17881

Now know I that thou lord dost Rule

Among the gods below

And whatsoever pleaseth thee

In Heaven and Earth dost Do

The late assembled Heads of tribes

Consulting what to do

With the new plan of government

Proposd its overthrow

Which if they had been left to do

Is my prevailing thought

& They wou’d have workt their overthrow

And brought this State to Nought

But thou hast strongly interpos’d

And changed their Decree

And to thy great & Holy Name

Let all the glory be

May all those states that have not yet

Desided on the same

By their example now submit

And fully follow them

1. MS, Stearns Papers, MHi. This poem follows the entry for Saturday, 16 February, and sums up Stearns’ thoughts for the week.