730. Hannah Tracy Emery to Mary Carter
Newburyport, 17 February 1788 (excerpts)1

My Dear Mary,

We had a very agreeable dance last thursday eve, the company consisted of Marreed & single, Old & young, it is no comparison more agreeable when that is the case, Mr & Mrs Bradbury, Dalton, Jenkins, Gen & Will. Titcomb with their ladies, Mrs Greenleaf &c &c &c—The Judge meant to have honor’d the company with his presence, but was too unwell—Mr Hooper was Master, & each party, appear’d pleased with the other. The company, married people in particular, enjoy’d themselves so highly that I doubt not, we shall have a regular assembly next winter.

Dr Hale of Newtown was one of the party, the brilliancy & good spirits of the conpany together with the help of his friends & some other applications, made him exceedingly happy—he asked me if I was a Polititian, & upon my answering in the affirmative read me the contents of 2 news papers, express’d his approbation of the constitution, & said he never was in a polite company before & that it had given him very unusual feelings, that he never was so happy in his life, & determin’d to take every opportunity to be so again. …

I was much pleased with the description of the procession at Boston—it was a very proper way of shewing their joy, & the utility they supposed would result from the constitution—& it will tend to convince the country people more, than the most elegant reasoning. …

1. RC, Cutts Family Papers, Essex Peabody Museum, Salem. The letter, begun on 10 February, was continued on 17 February.