739. American Herald, 18 February 17881

Index Finger In order that the People of the Commonwealth might be informed of the Reasons which induced the Convention to ratify the Federal Constitution, previous to their Dissolution, they appointed a Committee, consisting of the Hon. George Cabot, Esq; Theophilus Parsons, Esq; Ebenezer Pierce, Esq; and the Hon. Caleb Strong, Esq; together with the Secretary of the Convention, to prepare an Address to the People, stating the Principles of the said Constitution, the various Objections which were made against it, and the Answers they received; and explaining the absolute Necessity of adopting some energetic System of Federal Government for the Preservation of the Union.

1. Reprinted in the Salem Mercury, 19 February; Worcester Magazine, 21 February; and in six newspapers outside of Massachusetts by 8 March: R.I. (1), N.Y. (3), Pa. (2).