743. Samuel Cotesworthy, Jr., to Tilly Merrick
Boston, 19 February 1788 (excerpt)1

… The Article of Money is very Scarce at present, every monied person choosing rather to keep the same by them, than to Let it, untill it shall be ascertained whether the Federal Constitution takes Place or Not.—The Pillar of Massachusetts is Raised, upon which Glorious Occasion I sincerely congratulate you, hoping that the State of South Carolina, will not be the last amongst the Sons of America to raise this Noble Edifice, for I sincerely believe upon the Issue the fate of America is Suspended,—That she may Shun the Dark Clouds of Adverse Fate, and rise Superiour to the Frowns of all her Enemies, is the supreme Wish of him,—who begs leave to subscribe himself

1. RC, Merrick Papers, Concord Free Public Library. Reproduced by courtesy of the Concord Free Public Library.