754. Massachusetts Centinel, 20 February 17881

Yesterday the Hon. Supreme Judicial Court, commenced their term in this town; when his Honor Chief-Judge CUSHING gave an elegant and spirited charge to the Grand Jury, in which he congratulated them on the adoption of the Federal Constitution by this Commonwealth—a system which has for its object, the peace, order and happiness of our country.

1. Reprinted in the Independent Chronicle, 21 February; Massachusetts Gazette, 22 February (partial); American Herald and Boston Gazette, 25 February; Hampshire Chronicle and Hampshire Gazette, 27 February; Cumberland Gazette and Worcester Magazine, 28 February; and twelve other newspapers by 11 March: N.H. (1), Conn. (2), R.I. (1), N.Y. (2), N.J. (1), Pa. (5).