764. Massachusetts Centinel, 23 February 1788



(The want of room, throwing us far in the rear of the debates, as they took place in Convention, we were necessitated to omit the observations of a number of gentlemen, on various parts of the Constitution—which we trusted we could do with some propriety, from the consideration, that they in general would appear in the volume of debates, now in the press, and which will be published in a few days—We intended, however, to have given some observations on every article, in our paper; but owing to haste we omitted, in their regular order, the observations on the important article which provides for the future amendment of the proposed Constitution: Some of which we here insert.)

[The speeches delivered by Rufus King and Charles Jarvis on 31 January, A.M., follow. See RCS:Mass., 1373–75, for the speeches.]