768. Brunswick Gazette, 26 February 1788

Extract of a letter from a gentleman in New-York,

to his friend in this place, dated Feb. 14.

“A few hours after you left us yesterday, the joyful tidings of the adoption of the new Constitution in the state of Massachusetts reached this town, and afforded the most heart-felt satisfaction to a very great majority of the citizens.

“Supposing that it will prove highly agreeable to you, I enclose you a paper of to-day, giving a detail of the patriotic conduct of the Convention of Massachusetts, in both parties, and of the citizens at large.

“It is really pleasing to observe the agreeable change in the countenances of our worthy citizens. The congratulatory salutation of ‘I give you joy!’ is repeated by every class of citizens.

“Various public demonstrations of joy will be exhibited this day; such as public dinners, firings, &c. The adoption by that state will doubtless lead to the same measures in many, if not the whole of the other states, and, on that account the intelligence becomes important and interesting.”