769. Maryland Journal, 26 February 17881

Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman in Boston,

to his Friend in this Town, dated February 10, 1788.

“I should have wrote you last Post, had not that Day been big with the Fate of our State—It was, in my Opinion, most happily decided, and the Federal Constitution, so long debated, at last ratified.—The Unanimity that has since subsisted between all Parties, proves the great good Sense of the People at large, and their general Disposition to submit to the Majority, and exert themselves to keep good Order in Government.—I expected your Mr. Martin’s Publications would have produced new Matter for Debate; but he was entirely unnoticed.—I hope, nay, I now firmly believe, that the Thirteen States will adopt the Constitution; and may we all reap those Advantages from it that we expect, and are so much in want of.”

1. Reprinted: Winchester Virginia Gazette, 19 March.