770–775. The Massachusetts General Court
27 February–1 April 1788

The documents included here supplement those printed in parts VI–D and VI–E (in Volume 4, pp. 1657–81) or deal with the payment of Convention expenses.The six groupings in this section are as follows:

  • Address of the Massachusetts Convention to the People of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 7 February–9 May 1788
  • The Complete Text of Governor John Hancock’s Speech to the General Court, Boston, 27 February 1788;
  • The Reply of the Massachusetts General Court to the Speech of Governor John Hancock, 27 February–11 March 1788;
  • General Court Adopts Resolve Paying George R. Minot and Others, 3–18 March 1788;
  • General Court Adopts Measures to Pay Members of the State Convention and Others, 3–28 March 1788; and
  • General Court Adopts Resolve Paying Massachusetts Members of the Constitutional Convention, 28 March 1788.

Each of the above groupings have a separate document number, with multiple items in each grouping having a letter extension (e.g., 18–A).