775. General Court Adopts Resolve Paying Massachusetts
Members of the Constitutional Convention, 28 March 1788

775-A. House Proceedings, Friday, 28 March 1788 (excerpt)1

… A Resolve granting to each of the members of the late Federal Convention from this Commonwealth, the sum of thirty shillings per diem, for their services—Read & passed

Sent up for concurrence …

775-B. Senate Proceedings, Friday, 28 March 1788 (excerpt)1

… /Rd/ Resolve determining the pay of the members to the late Federal Convention—Read & Concurred. …

775-C. Resolve to Pay Massachusetts Constitutional Convention Delegates, 28 March 17881

Resolve establishing the pay of the Delegates, who attended the late Convention, at Philadelphia. March 28, 1788.

Whereas it appears to this Court, that the Delegates from this State, who have lately attended the Convention at Philadelphia, for the purpose of revising the federal Constitution, of these United States, have been exposed to uncommon expences, from the peculiar nature of that service.

It is therefore Resolved, That the sum of thirty shillings a day, be paid from the Treasury of this Commonwealth, to each of those gentlemen, who have been engaged in this business.